___Oliver about his art at v-band.com:

Back in the 80's I used to play keyboards and sing in our alternative schoolband.
I wrote a lot of simple songs on my accoustic guitar in that time and recorded on Fostex 4-Track. A handful of bands later i stopped doing music in moldy bunkers and instead sitting in front of my computer at night with my headphones on.
I am missing the beer and sweaty jam experiences but i love the full artistic controll i have in my new virtual studio.
Things are changing over the years but one thing remains: good music inside my head that wants to get out somehow.
V-Band was a fantastic playground for me The Bobshock.
It boosts creativity and motivates my music production.


___Bobshock memorial at v-band.com:

There is a
BOBSHOCK-memorial at v-band.com
featuring a LOT of work from him for, of course, free download
I am currently working on getting a full collection on juster.de, but this will take surly a longer time...


___A Song for Oliver

The australian Lukas Adro, Bobshock worked a lot together with, wrote and produced a tribute-song in rememberance for Oliver on an unvocalized Track of them both.

You can download the Song here
and read the lyrics here


___Musicvideo: When I Woke Up
The first Music-video project Oliver and Ray Juster started in 2003